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FCCABU New Member Umpire Training

Thanks for your interest in becoming an umpire and joining our board. Below is some information that may answer any questions that you have about our organization. If you would like any more info, please e-mail

Contact with Questions

New applicants must consent to and pass a background check. This form will be filled out at the first session.

  • FCCABU provides umpires for towns in Fairfield County (Click the link below to see the towns). We service high school, youth and adult baseball leagues.
  • Our new member clinics cover rules, regulations, and interpretations for high school baseball using the NFHS rules and case books. We also cover the mechanics of the two-umpire system; the philosophy, mental approach, and attitude toward high school baseball as well as the handling of situations and control of the game.
  • The expectation is that new applicants will attend all training sessions including the open book test. The first two weeks of the training will consist of classroom sessions. Please bring a pen/pencil and something to take notes. Weeks 3-8 will take place in the gym. Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers for the gym sessions. Refreshments will be provided for all dates. Week 9 will consist of an open book test consisting of 100 questions. Applicants need to a achieve a minimum score of 80 to pass the exam.
  • If interested in working scholastic baseball, new members can expect to work sub-varsity high school games for a number of seasons before having the opportunity to advance to the varsity level. Advancement to the varsity level is something that is earned by your performance and is not guaranteed.
  • Opportunities to umpire other levels such as Little League, Babe Ruth, American Legion and different travel leagues are also available during and after the high school season. There may also be some Fall baseball games available through various assignors.
  • The 2020 scholastic sub-varsity game fee will be $61.29. There is a 7% assessment fee for each game worked that is payable to FCCABU in June along with your membership dues. Game fees are paid directly to you by the school. Most schools use Arbiter Pay .
  • Non-scholastic game fees range between $50.00 - $80.00 depending on the level worked. Your assignor will inform you of the game fee.
  • New members will need to purchase uniforms and equipment and can expect an initial investment of between $250.00 - $500.00 depending on what you purchase and where you buy it from. Our uniform and equipment requirements can be found in the link below along with some suggested websites to purchase them from. Members receive a discount from Gerry Davis Sports when purchased through the board.

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