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FCCABU Mechanics Instructor Kris Engstrand on opening day of the new MLB Draft League working the plate at Citizens Bank Park in Philly!

FCCABU Member Pete Nicoletti working in Minnesota's Northwoods League in The Slot!

Darrin Besescheck

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CIAC 1st round '21, L-R Pete Candito, U3. Mike Vigliotti PU, Tom Byrne U1/CC at Greenwich HS

CIAC 1st Round '21, L-R Darrin Besescheck U3, Greg Horton PU/CC, Russ Chapman U1 @ Trumbull vs. Danbury.

CIAC post season '21. Frank Grasso U1/CC, Dennis Duffy PU, Alex Rauso U3 @ Warde HS

2021 CIAC Finals Crew, Class M State finals at Palmer Stadium. L- R Paul Proto U3/CC, Pat McCone U1, Darrin Besescheck PU, Dennis White U2. Note that this was Darrin's first state final. Strong work!

2021 CIAC Semi - Finals at Palmer Field. L-R, Pat McCone U1, Jim Luchansky PU, Paul Proto U3/CC. Many positive post game comments, saying "That must be the Fairfield guys, they knew what they were doing". Strong Work!


Congratulations 2021 FCIAC Finals crew! Great Crew! Great job! L-R U1 Tom Cribbin PU/CC Darrin Besescheck, U2 Paul Proto, U3 Vin Procaccini

Congratulations 2021 FCIAC Semi Finals game 1: U1 Andy Loh, U3 Paul Proto, PU/CC Vin Procaccini, U2 Greg Horten

Congratulations 2021 FCIAC Semi Finals game 2: U3 Dennis Gallaghar, Western Board, U1 Edwin Santos, Western Board, PU/CC Russ Chapman, U2 Dennis White. The score of 26-11 made it a long but fun night!

Congratulations 2021 Post Season, at Warde HS U1 Dave Gruce, PU Jim Luchansky, U3/CC Frank Grasso. Great Job!

Congratulations! 2021 FCIAC Post Season, at Greenwich HS U1/CC Vin Procaccini, PU Tom Byrne, U3 Eric Gadske, Western Board

Congratulations 2021 FCIAC post season, U3 Russ Burr, PU Mike Vigliotti, CC/U1 Greg Horten

2021 Varsity Fee : $95.87
2021 Sub-Varsity Fee : $62.33


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