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Umpire Training

FCCABU Umpire Academy Dates




2023 (Dates and times subject to change)

Sunday Locations TBD  8AM - 12PM

Wednesday Virtual Rules Sessions 7PM -9 PM

· 1/22/23 – Sunday  RUS Kick Off

· 1/25/23 – Wednesday  RUS Classroom #1

· 1/29/23- Sunday  RUS Mechanics #1

· 2/1/23- Wednesday RUS Classroom #2

· 2/5/23- Sunday RUS Mechanics #2

· 2/8/23- Wednesday RUS Classroom #3

· 2/12/23- Sunday RUS Mechanics #3

· 2/15/23- Wednesday,RUS Classroom #4

· 2/19/23- Sunday RUS Mechanics #4

· 2/22/23- Wednesday,RUS Classroom #5

· 2/26/23- Sunday RUS Mechanics #5

· 3/1/23- Wednesday,RUS Classroom #6

· 3/4/23- Saturday RUS Mechanics #6

· 3/12/23- Sunday RUS Mechanics #7

· 3/19/23- Sunday RUS Mechanics #8

Non Virtual Locations TBD


Use the link below for some general information about our program or to submit a question by e-mail.


Applicants must be Connecticut residents age 18 and over (or at least a high school senior)

Previous umpiring experience is not required.

The fee for the training is $150.00 (TO BE PAID AT A LATER DATE)

Applicants that receive a passing grade on the written rules exam will be eligible to umpire immediately and will become an official member if so approved by the FCCABU membership at its annual meeting in May.  Membership dues are required after achieving a passing grade.

All FCCABU Members are required at attend a minimum of 3 of 5 meetings per year.


You will need to register for a Sport Ngin account  to register. Just click the link below to get started! Please write your password down once your account is set up.